Road Map


Budding Ideas

Steve frowned upon the poverty and chaos around in the world, with his dedication and crave for peace, decided to take a measure to grant people better lives. Had a wish but didn’t know what path to choose to fulfil it. Hence the man kept giving it thought and lost in thoughts on how he should achieve this massive goal in his life. Steve then reaches out to his beloved friends and confronts his ideas and wishes.

2015 Q2

Gathering of the Elite

Steve and his friends gather and are impressed by Steve’s motto, As a thought of giving it a chance and thinking over, Stumbling upon various ideas to grant better life to mankind. They come to an agreement to give it a try with Forex Trading. Team begins its preparations, studies, analysis and start planning their strategies all over till the year end.

2015 Q4

Baby steps!

Steve and his friends set their feet in Forex trading with glare of hope in their eyes and trade in various commodities. Unhappy with not so pretty start, disappointed Steve makes up his mind to Excel no matter what and rolls up his sleeves and gets back to work. Yet the situation worsened and worsened but Steve never let it go.

2016 Q1

Failure is the Biggest step to Success

Not so pro, Not so warm. Getting exposed to the new world was difficult for Steve as well as his Team. Facing a lot of hardships and Setbacks, Nothing could kill the dream of Steve once dreamt of! Focused on his path, walking barefoot in the hail hitting him. Keeping the spark of hope and dedication moving ahead in spite of the losses. The initial days in forex trading were tough for the no pro Steve and his team.

2016 Q2

Stable and Proficient

The strategies were bouncing back some good response and a ray of hope shimmered across the team. The profits were raking and risk: reward ratio went positive , The team excelled and made very good profits. Steve himself is an Animal Lover and Nature Enthusiast. Steve has made various contributions towards it. Team has also granted a hand in Cancer cure.

2016 Q3

Increment and Expansion

Year 2017 was important for Steve as he was going make big decisions which could have put him in jeopardy too. But his bold attitude made him race through hardships and obstacles like a comet! He had plans of going global. His team was scared, that the couldn’t handle it. But Steve was Stubborn and didn’t bat an ear to anybody! He finally decided to go Global and at full potential. He had this confidence in him, that it will go large!


Global Launch

Treaties signed! Got the legalisations of the platform and team started working day and night handling the heavy traffic and recruiting efficient staff, they accomplished various milestones by going global and digital. Amazing business plans were introduced to ensure the safety of investors. Various strategies were implemented to expand the network. Precautions and safety measures have been undergone for the safety of funds of the investors.

2018 Q1

Global Acceptance

Masses have accepted Inclusivefx as their beloved one and have been trusting it. Inclusivefx has never backed off from making their customers happy. People are happy with how Inclusivefx has been performing and spreading the happiness all over. Trust is that one that thing which is rock hard to gain. Well, Gaining the trust is easy yet keeping it is far more difficult. Inclusivefx has been mastering the art of keeping the trust up!

2018 Q3

Plans on Cryptotrading

With huge success in Forex trading, The confidence levels of Inclusivefx have grown higher and solid. Hence, the Crazy man Steve has his bullseye on the crypto trading and will accomplish it too like the past times. Inclusivefx has planned all the strategies to make it work out impeccably and fluently. The teams have been formed and the base will be US as planned and this platform will be interlaced with forex trading platform.

2018 Q4

Launch of Inclusive-crypto

CEO Steve will sign the treaty and all other paperwork and start crypto trading right away. The best part of it is as aforementioned, it will be interlaced with forex platform. Huge success and betterment of the plans is expected with these strategies. Inclusive Investment Services limited also plans on donating funds to cancer stricken individuals.

2019 Q1

Ecommerce and Branches

Inclusive Investment services limited also plans on branding itself out. With various products from Inclusive investment services limited. Users will be able to buy various goodies and gadgets from their wallets and get them delivered to their doorsteps. Also Q3 has a huge plan of opening various operational branches in countries where Inclusive Investment Services Limited gains heavy traffic and popularity.

2019 Q3

Crypto Exchange and Leader's Event

With increasing usage and demand for cryptocurrencies, people might want to swap their cryptocurrencies. As analysed by our team. We will start Crypto Exchange to make lives of our beloved customers easier by not restricting them to any one cryptocurrency. They shall have access to various cryptocurrencies based on their will and wish. Also there shall be a Huge Leaders’ Event where all our beloved Leaders shall be honoured.

2019 Q4


By 2020 We will have grown exponentially. We will have to provide our users with better services to go on with. Inclusive Investment Services Limited will setup ATMs in various countries, where they can directly withdraw their local Currency from their wallets. This will make things easier and individuals wouldn’t have to keep waiting for withdrawals. They can just withdraw to their local currency whenever they wish to.

2020 Q1


2020 Q2